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The Bachelor´s Project

International students

Please note that for international students it is only possible to carry out a Bachelor's Project as a part of the International Programme Urban Water


The Bachelor's Project is designed to enable the students to plan and conduct a realistic engineering project comprising several industrial and commercial functions.

The project is prepared in as concrete and realistic a form as the condition of studies permits, if possible in cooperation with companies. The Bachelor's Project is an independent project intended to show the students' ability to apply the theories learned, and to study new theories. The topic is chosen by the students. A supervisor is assigned to the group, sometimes from a company providing the group with technical material.


We can offer projects in the following area:

Civil and Structural Engineering:
Structural Design, Environment, Constructional Management, Building Services

Methods of work

The Bachelor's Project is normally performed by groups consisting of two students, but can also be carried out individually.

Definition of project title

Upon approval of subject, the title is prepared by the students, who present it to the supervisors for approval within a specific deadline. The title forms part of the project and as such also the basis for evaluation.


Marked evaluation based on oral presentation of the project.