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Software Engineering

International Semester in Software Engineering

Software drives our world. It is the enabling technology for the experience we have come to expect from our wristwatches, smartphones, PCs, banks, and virtually any other system we use on a daily basis. We expect these systems to be easy to use, flexible and adapt to our needs, and we expect them to integrate seamlessly with other devices we own, and thereby to become an integral part of a bigger, existing system, without any effort of our own.

Building software that accommodates these expectations at an ever-increasing pace requires skills beyond those of merely coding. It requires that e.g. scalability, adaptability and testability is built-in from the very beginning of the design of the software.

The set of courses compiled for the Software Engineering semester aims at providing the student with the knowledge and tools to devise and implement software systems with these desired properties, thus making the product viable in the existing market.

The courses are also intended for Danish students, but all curriculum activities are conducted in English. The latest know-how and state-of-the-art HW/SW are available and a practical engineering approach to the complex systems is in strong focus.

Autumn semester (end August to end January)

The international semester in Software Engineering consist of six courses of 5 ECTS each. The students accepted into the Software Engineering programme, will be able to choose courses from the list below:

*Please notice that links to the course catalogue cannot open in Internet Explorer.

*In case of course overlap the student will need to change the course plan

Admission Requirements

The programme is intended for international students in the final year of their Bachelor studies or at a similar educational level of an ICT programme. More specifically, the programmes requires basic electronics skills and passed intermediate courses in object-oriented programming concepts (such as encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism) in C++, C#, Java or similar OO-language.

Admission is granted based on grades, the overall application and the required Proficiency in English.

Please read the detailed requirements here