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Wilson from Brazil – Environmental Technologies

Wilson is 28 years old and comes from Brazil. He studied Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering with a specialization in Environmental Technologies at Aarhus University. Wilson now works for Vestas, one of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer, and lives in Ringkøbing.


Why did you come to Denmark to study?

"I was attracted to Denmark because it's a hub for innovation and talent, and I could see numerous opportunities for my future career. I've always wanted to impact society positively, and Denmark is a frontrunner in sustainability. It was very inspiring to see universities with so many courses focusing on that," he says, and continues, "Getting my acceptance letter was definitely one of the most exciting days of my life."

How did you experience time at Aarhus University?

"I was surprised by the flexibility the students have, both in terms of independent studying, such as choosing projects and career path. The professors and coordinators at Aarhus University were supportive throughout all my decision-making processes, and I felt free to choose whatever interested me," says Wilson, adding, "the university infrastructure is also quite impressive. The labs are well equipped, and it's easy for students to book and use them". He continues, "The Royal Library is also worth mentioning – it has a floor for relaxation, including games, massage chairs and music cabins!"

How did you prepare for your career doing your studies?

"I joined several international groups focused on career development, such as Young Professionals in Denmark and IDA regional, among others. These groups had workshops, where you got advice and networked with experienced professionals," he says, and adds, "Understanding which area you want to go into and checking what companies are looking for is also a good way to be proactive."

Do you have a favourite spot in Aarhus?

"Aarhus is a very cultural city, and being a culture lover myself, I have several favourite spots - the Latin Quarter is one of them," tells Wilson.

"The Latin Quarter has small streets, where you can find restaurants, cafes and bookshops. It is a very good mix for a "hyggelig" afternoon," he reminisces, "I also love the green spaces and nature around Aarhus - my favorite Sunday activity was cycling to Marselisborg Mindepark and enjoying the view of the beach."


How did you get your first job?

"Networking is a powerful tool in Denmark, and I got my first job via my network. A friend had worked at Vestas as a student assistant, and when she heard I was looking for a job, she put me in contact with her former colleague. Networking can help you stand out and open many doors," he says.

What skills from your education can you use in your current job?

"I was amazed to realize a lot of your professional career is not about the technical part you learn at university, but everything in between. Problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, structure planning, are not just nice catchphrases to put on your CV, but something fundamental in a workplace," he laughs.

"These skills were naturally developed during my master's, as it was focused on real-life problems and case studies - many times in collaboration with companies – so I left university feeling prepared for the real world".

What surprised you most working full-time in Denmark?

"The balance between work and your personal life! Being a young Engineer, I am still working to discover this balance for myself. Still, it is undeniable that Danish culture values work-life balance," tells Wilson, and continues, "In most companies, the employees work 37 hours a week. After working, they expect you to go home and relax. It takes a bit of the pressure off the constant need to perform."


What do you hope your future will bring?

"I hope to continue working in industries promoting renewable and sustainable solutions and grow professionally while encountering new challenges," he says, adding, "I hope to have a loving husband, two kids and a dog. And I hope to continue living in Denmark."

"Because the longer I stay, the more I realize how privileged I am to be living in a country where everything works as it should - most of the time," he laughs.

Originally from Brazil, Wilson was drawn to Denmark by its good reputation for promoting sustainability. His life goal is to work on something that will positively impact society. He says that dream became one step closer to reality when he was offered a position to study for a Master's degree in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, focusing on Environment Technologies at Aarhus University.

Today Wilson works as a Process Engineer for Vestas, a global leader in wind turbine production.