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The experimental activities at the facilities will be able to resume when the electrical installations have been re-established and the building has been safety approved. It is expected to happen in a few weeks. Photo: AU.

2021.04.28 | AU Engineering, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

Green demonstration plant ravaged by fire

A building at AU Foulum, which among other things houses a demonstration plant for biorefining, was ravaged by fire on Tuesday night. Despite damage to the building, the researchers expect that the experimental activities will be able to resume within two weeks.

The main reactor at AU Foulum, where the initial development of the methanation system was carried out. In the InjectMe project, the project partners have designed a custom-built reactor that makes it possible to further develop the technology. Photo: AU Foto.

2021.04.28 | AU Engineering, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

CO2 conversion using a new Power-to-X system

Using excess electricity from wind and solar power, and CO2 from biogas, a new research and development project is aiming to produce biomethane in a pilot-scale experiment. The experiment is an important step in the Power-to-X technology that may give exports of Danish technology a green future.

PipeSense is being funded by Innovation Fund Denmark with DKK 13.6 million and it has a total budget of almost DKK 18.6 million. The project includes four Danish partners: Logstor A/S, Creative Sight ApS, Aalborg University and Aarhus University. Photo: Aarhus Universitet

2021.04.21 | AU Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Smart sensors to provide real time data for optimized operation of the district heating grid

Researchers from the universities in Aarhus and Aalborg are working closely with leading companies to develop intelligent, battery-less sensors that communicate wirelessly to an autonomous cloud-based monitoring system.

"I simply think we need more female role models and mentors who can inspire young women in their career choices already at very early stages," says Professor Selin Kara. Photo: AU Foto.

2021.04.14 | AU Engineering, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

New professor sees plenty of opportunities for women to power the green transition

Selin Kara is a new professor at the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering at Aarhus University, where her research aims at using natural processes as a substitute for one of the world's most polluting industries. She wants to see more women in engineering and other STEM programmes, but there is a lack of role models, she says.

Congratulations to Bartlomiej Kotula, who won the best student award for his master’s thesis. Private photo.

2021.04.07 | AU Engineering, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Best Student Award

MSc in Civil Engineering Bartlomiej Kotula recently won the best student award for his master’s thesis on the development of a BIM-based tool to support sustainable building design.

"The project will develop a mature and sustainable system that is efficient, flexible, inexpensive and safe, and that can be used directly by e.g. CHP plants as a plug-and-play option," says Assistant Professor Pourya Forooghi. Photo: Colourbox.

2021.04.06 | AU Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering

Development of future plug-and-play CO2-neutral district heating solution

Researchers from the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering at Aarhus University are participating in an EUDP-supported development project to design future heat pumps for small and medium-sized district heating plants.