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Bachelor of Engineering at AU Engineering

The BEng programme takes three and a half years and includes an internship semester. The programme provides solid engineering qualifications and insight into the latest technology. You will learn to convert your theoretical knowledge into solutions. Every semester ends with a project, often in collaboration with companies. As a student, you will be trained in how to cooperate, think critically and think innovatively, and as soon as during your engineering internship you will find that you can create value with your knowledge and your problem-solving skills.

In your career as a BEng, you will typically work with innovation and development in the public or private sector, or even in your own start-up. Many are also involved in project management or product design. There is strong demand for BEng graduates in Denmark, and this is expected to increase significantly in the future. The BEng programme at Aarhus University is in danish.


Structure of the 3½ year Bachelor of Engineering Programme

The programme is offered in Danish