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A career as an MSc in Engineering

As a graduate MSc in Engineering from Aarhus University, you will have an internationally recognised degree with an academic and theoretical level in line with the world's most advanced technical universities.

The MSc in Engineering degree programmes are geared towards society's urgent need for creative, independent specialists and analysts, so you’ll enter a job market with very low unemployment. Both Danish and international companies are looking for highly educated and competent MScs in Engineering, and as a graduate MSc in Engineering you will have good opportunities to choose a career path that matches your academic specialisation and interest.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in virtually all sectors of society, and this development will only continue in the future. An MSc in Engineering from Aarhus University will be a great start to your future working life. With the skills and competences you acquire from the programme, you will be able to participate independently and professionally in both engineering and interdisciplinary collaboration within almost all sectors. You will not only become familiar with the latest technology - you will help create it.

Research-driven innovation

If you decide to study engineering, you will have good opportunities to work with research-driven innovation. Many students participate as ‘junior researchers’ in major engineering projects. These projects will give you insight into research methods and into work to generate new knowledge and develop new, ground-breaking technologies.

A career as a researcher

If you want to, and if you have the skills, after your MSc in Engineering degree you can apply for a PhD programme in which, through a three-year research project in close collaboration with the department researchers, and through courses and individual supervision, you will be trained as a researcher. A small group of the most talented engineers choose this path.