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AU Engineering at Aarhus University

Engineering at Aarhus University is anchored in two organisational units: the Department of Engineering (ENG) and the Aarhus University School of Engineering (ASE).

Department of Engineering at Aarhus University

The department was established in 2011 and is responsible for all research and development activities in the technical science field, and for eight MSc. in Engineering programmes.

Aarhus University School of Engineering

On 1 January 2012, Aarhus School of Engineering merged with Aarhus University and now brings together eight B.Eng. programmes. The programmes are practically oriented, and include collaboration with the industry. The interplay between the education and industry ensures that our engineering graduates are well equipped to transform scientific knowledge and engineering know-how into valuable solutions for society.

An expanding case

The engineering discipline at Aarhus University is expanding with a growing student population and marked expansion of research and development activities. Geographically, the discipline is divided among several locations in Aarhus and Herning, activities at Foulum near Viborg and at Bygholm near Horsens.

AU Engineering´s localisation strategy aims at ensuring that the individual education and research activities are placed in the scientific environment to which they are most closely related. 

All activities within electronics, information and communication technology, electrical engineering and healthcare technology are located in the IT City at Katrinebjerg in Aarhus and Herning. The activities within civil and architectural engineering and mechanical and materials engineering are located at the new engineering domicile Navitas at the harbour development site in Aarhus. All activities within the biological and chemical engineering field are located at Hangøvej and Gustav Wieds Vej, Campus Aarhus.

These academic environments will help strengthen the growing cluster of technology centres in Aarhus and ensure continued positive commercial development in the region.