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What is a Master of Science in Engineering?

Solid basic knowledge

The five-year Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering degree programme starts (in  with a three-year science and technology Bachelor's degree programme (in danish). The Bachelor's degree programme is essentially a basic course that provides a solid foundation for your further studies. All MSc in Engineering degree programmes provide in-depth knowledge about mathematics and physics, as science competences are vital to tackle the problems of society. You will also gain insight into several different academic areas to ensure that you have the necessary basic knowledge, and the Bachelor's degree programme will automatically qualify you for the two-year MSc in Engineering.

A cohesive course of study

The content of a Bachelor's degree programme is tailored to allow you to continue your studies on the two-year Master's degree programme. If you start your degree in engineering with a three-year Bachelor's degree programme at the Department of Engineering, your course will be cohesive and progress naturally to the MSc.

How and why

The Bachelor's degree programme provides tools to develop new methods, because a graduate MSc in Engineering should not only know how existing technology works, the graduate should also be able to help develop new technology. When facing a problem, an MSc in Engineering digs deeper, not only asking ‘how’, but also ‘why’.   

The lecturer is your role model

Your lecturers are all researchers. They know all about the latest technological developments within their field, and they are also role models for how you should work as a student: inquisitively, analytically and objectively. These are academic virtues that permeate the entire five-year MSc in Engineering programme, from the first day of the Bachelor's programme to the last day of the Master's programme.