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Rojin Gomez from India – Mechanical Engineering

Rojin is 24 years old and comes from India. He studied an MSc in Mechanical Engineering here at Aarhus, and graduated in 2021. Rojin now lives in Odense and works at Mayekawa Nordic as Project Engineer.

Why did you come to Denmark to study?

 “When looking at possible universities to pursue a masters in, Denmark was always a dream location, especially as my dad was a PhD candidate in Copenhagen in the 90s!” Rojin says and continues, “Denmark has always been the hub for innovation in a myriad of fields and I wanted to be at the forefront of innovation. Aarhus being a Top 100 university caught my attention.” He adds, “The research at the university was especially intriguing, and the living standards and safety in general was also a big bonus.”

How did you experience your time at Aarhus University? 

“My time at Aarhus University has been great and I have loved everything about it - the ambience, the buildings, the faculty, and the people!” Rojin exclaims. He adds, “Being close to the sea was a big plus since I come from a coastal city.” He says, “Everything was just lovely. I loved the group work, and the possibility to work on real industrial problems in collaboration with companies was something new and eye-opening.”

How did you prepare for your career doing your studies?

“I tried to connect with people in the industry via mutual acquaintances, attending career fairs, and by connecting with people through LinkedIn,” Rojin says. He continues, “The HEADSTART programme got me in contact with a mentor from Grundfos who helped me shape my CV and cover letter and taught me important things to be aware of when applying for jobs in Denmark.”

Do you have a favourite spot in Aarhus?

“The Risskov forest and Risskov Strandpark are my favorite spots as spending time there was always calming,” Rojin reminisces, and adds, “being part of the “Run for friendship" club, we used to often run in the forest and then have a drink at the Studenterhus!”

How did you get your first job?

“I was working on an EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program) project as a part of my thesis along with several companies like DTI and Danfoss. This got me in contact with my boss at Mayekawa Nordic and then a couple of interviews later, I was part of the team,” says Rojin.

What skills from your education can you use in your current job?

“My thesis was on refrigeration and heat pump technologies, and I currently work in research and development in the exact same field. So, my education is vital to my current role in all aspects,” Rojin says, and continues, “while I was deciding my thesis topic, my supervisor Dr. Pourya Forooghi had mentioned that this would open opportunities and that came true!”

What surprised you most about working full-time in Denmark? 

“The colleagues are super helpful and always have a smile on their face. The atmosphere at work  makes you happy to be there,” tells Rojin. He adds, “The importance of work-life balance is well defined in Denmark, and this has given me the opportunity to be more productive workwise and have a good social life.”

What do you hope your future will bring?

“I hope my future in Denmark involves staying in Denmark for the long haul,” Rojin says. “I would like to settle down, keep working within this field... and eventually learn Danish,” he laughs. 

Originally from India, Rojin has always been interested in studying in Denmark after his father had a great experience here in the 90’s. Rojin was drawn to AU due to its ranking as a Top 100 University, and was also a big fan of Aarhus’ costal location. He thoroughly enjoyed his time studying MSc Mechanical Engineering and was especially pleased to be able to collaborate with companies on real industrial problems during his studies.

Today Rojin works as a Project Engineer at Mayekawa Nordic, and lives in Odense.