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Form of instruction on the Bachelor of Engineering programme

Teaching on the Bachelor of Engineering consists of lectures, classroom teaching, group exercises and workshops and laboratory work.

All Bachelor of Engineering programmes at Aarhus University are CDIO classified, which means that they are among the world's best technical programmes.

The letters CDIO characterise the work process that all Bachelor of Engineering students from Aarhus University are trained in: Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate.

  • Conceive: In the first phase, you must identify the problem.
  • Design: Next, you need to develop ideas, devise solutions and outline the design.
  • Implement: In the implementation phase, you must realise your solutions as a prototype product, system or process.
  • Operate: In the final phase, you must optimise your solution to make it work optimally for users in the user context.

The CDIO classification ensures that, as a graduate Bachelor of Engineering, you are able to:

  • carry out assignments at the highest international level
  • apply theory in practice
  • think innovatively in all phases of the engineering work process
  • manage projects and collaboration
  • include social, economic, and environmental perspectives in your engineering work.

A close-to-practice degree

As a Bachelor of Engineering student, you will gain a solid scientific understanding and insight into the possibilities of technology, and from the first semester you will be trained to apply your knowledge and work with real-life problems.

On a Bachelor of Engineering programme, you will find that you can always see the purpose of the theoretical knowledge you acquire.

Mathematics, physics and perhaps chemistry never stand alone. For example, differential calculus may be about bridge construction, and Newton's theory may be about calculating the impact of blood circulation on the heart valve with a view to choosing the right material for surgical implants.

Of course, this varies significantly from degree programme to degree programme. The point is that, as a Bachelor of Engineering student, you are constantly working to apply your knowledge in practice.