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Course structure of the Bachelor of Engineering programme

During the first four semesters, you will have a number of compulsory engineering courses within the Bachelor of Engineering you have chosen. This is also where you will build your basic understanding of natural sciences and gain relevant technology insight.

During almost all semesters, you will work on an engineering project to demonstrate that you can apply your knowledge from various courses to solve a problem. Very often, this will be in collaboration with the public sector or in a private company.


You will do an engineering internship on the fifth semester. Bachelor of Engineering interns are attractive, and it is therefore easy for most students to match with a really good company. In addition, the university has a number of engineering internship agreements with both Danish and foreign companies that you can use.

The internship period is often paid.


The sixth and seventh semesters are when you will specialise within a specific area and write your Bachelor project.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering, you can decide to go straight into the labour market, where your competences are much in demand.