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Taken through the lens of a microscope, the picture shows a close-up of the photonic integrated circuit used for the ammonia detector. The chip is roughly 2x2.6 mm2 in size. Photo: Andreas Hänsel, Aarhus University.

2020.12.01 | AU Engineering

Danish researchers develop budget optical ammonia sensor

In collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University has developed photonic sensor technology that can pave the way for a portable, reliable and, above all, inexpensive device for detecting ammonia and other gases in agriculture.

You need to know something about textile fibres and particle chemistry if you want to design an effective face mask. And it has to be sewn so that it perfectly fits your face. These are the conclusions from last week's face-mask speed experiment at Aarhus University (Photo: Colourbox)
The students could design their own face masks using layers of different types of textiles with good filtering properties (Photo: Birgit Bonefeld).

2020.11.23 | AU Engineering

Students test face masks in the laboratory

There are large differences in how well cloth face masks filter particles, and it is crucial that they fit snuggly against your face. These are the main conclusions of an experiment at Aarhus University.

"Denmark is at the forefront of research in district heating. With our projects, we will demonstrate that Denmark could be one of the first countries to exploit the existing housing stock economically as heat storage in district heating systems," says PhD Student Virginia Amato (left). On the picture is also shown Thea Broholt (middle) and Louise Christensen (right). Photo: AU Foto.

2020.11.19 | AU Engineering

Buildings as thermal batteries in a transition towards a green energy system

Denmark is to be climate-neutral by 2050. This requires major changes in our utilities sector, and buildings will play a significant role in this context. Three PhD students at Aarhus University talk about their research to help Denmark meet targets in its climate plans.


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