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Meet Shivaram Rammohan from India – Computer Engineering

Meet Shivaram Rammohan, a 26-year-old from India, who is now pursuing Computer Engineering at AU. When it came to comparing international universities for his Master’s degree, Shivaram knew that this Scandinavian country would have a better quality of life compared to many others.

Why did you come to Denmark to study?

I am studying Computer Engineering at Aarhus University and I am currently in my fourth semester. I chose Denmark for my higher studies because of the high standard of education here. I also chose this Scandinavian country because the quality of life is better when compared to other countries across the globe – the crime rates are low, the air is clean, the food is of high quality and the public transportation system is great. Moreover, the study programme I chose had a course for database algorithms and a lot of coding projects to get a hands-on approach, which made the choice that much easier for me.

How has your time in Aarhus been so far?

The education system here has been challenging for me, since every course has its own version of assignments, projects and final evaluations. But despite that, my time here has been great! I have attended events across Denmark and have also travelled with the friends I have made here.
I also have a few favourite spots here now. I love to bike, picnic with my friends or enjoy the fresh ocean breeze near Højborg, which is around the dear park.

What surprised you about life in Denmark?

Everything in Denmark is done in a systematic way and that takes some getting used to. The public transport is extensive here and you can always count on getting guidance to go wherever you want to in the country. And the best part? The safety! I have never felt unsafe, no matter where I have been or what time it was. The wind also surprised me a lot because I was expecting cold weather. But I didn’t know Denmark’s cold comes with a side of chilly winds! The good news is that I have gotten used to it now.

What has your experience with student jobs/internships been like?

I had a student job as a research assistant with my professor Daniel Enrique Lucani Rötter, who gave me an opportunity to work on a compressor. I also read papers to craft a new algorithm for the same. I got this job by contacting my professor during the break in his lecture.
At the moment, I am doing an internship (for 20 hours) with CREADIS (an engineering solutions and consulting company in Denmark) as a software engineering intern in Stilling. ⁠In this role, I work develop software-based solutions and smart software alternatives for the company’s customers. The thing I find most surprising about working in Denmark is the level of trust and informal attitude everyone has towards approaching a problem. My CEO has his door open to anyonewho wishes to talk to him. The company overall has a flat hierarchy and no bureaucracy.

Are you learning Danish?

Yes, I have almost completed the first two modules, but then took a break to work on my thesis and internship. I would love to stay here in Denmark for the long run. So if I learn Danish soon, I can start talking to my friends in Danish!