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Najlaa Ariibah Meutia from Indonesia

23-year-old Najlaa hails from Indonesia and has studied her Bachelor’s Degree at the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). Today, she is a 2nd semester master’s student at Aarhus University (AU) studying Chemical Engineering.

Aarhus University Life and Impressions of Aarhus

Why did you come to Denmark to study?

“I had always wanted to study abroad outside of Asia, then I discovered Denmark could be one of my options. Denmark is known as one of the leading countries in terms of sustainability, and that made it the most attractive choice for me. Aarhus University also turned out to be one of the top universities in the world with great accreditations, which made it even more appealing.” Najlaa explains, when asked why she chose Denmark as her top destination.

How are you experiencing your time at Aarhus University?

“It has been nice, though the curriculum design here is a bit different. For example, do we almost always have a project for each course, so the learning process is designed differently from what I am used to – with more group work and practical exercises.”

What has been the most challenging experience so far?

“Definitely the weather: The drastic weather changes, having opposite weather conditions from one day to the next, and experiencing multiple different seasons in one has been a lot for me. I have never been used to very cold weather, and I came here for the first time during winter. My first arrival here was the most challenging time for me. But surely I will get used to it in time... well, I have to.” She laughs at herself. Najlaa’s advice to others: “Just know how to layer your clothes, and you will be fine!”                                                                                                                    

Do you have a favourite spot in Aarhus?

“After having lived here for almost a year, my favourite place is Dokk1. I love their complete collections of books, the nice studying/working corners, and of course, the beautiful view of the sea that you can enjoy from there!”

Are you learning Danish?

“I have been learning the basics by myself, but now I am officially taking the Danish language class this semester.”

Professional life and future plans

How did you prepare for your career during your studies? 

“There are job/career fairs provided by the university and career-related workshops that I like to attend. These events are the starting steps that can help you prepare to find a job.”

Do you have a student job and how did you get your first job(s)?

“I am currently working in a non-academic job at a restaurant I found on Facebook.” 

How do you think your student job will help you prepare for a career in Denmark? 

“As my current job does not relate to my studies, I cannot say much about it relating to preparing me for a career. However, one thing I can say is that it gives me a glance at the work culture in Denmark. The way everybody smiles and helps each other… it’s really encouraging and a great environment to be in,” Najlaa says, smiling herself.

What do you hope your future will bring?

“I am always open to any opportunities that would allow me to travel outside of Denmark, to experience more of the world – life is a journey, and I just know that I want to work in a job that contributes to help change the world for a better future.”

Najlaa Ariibah Meutia completed her BSc in Indonesia and wanted to study abroad outside of Asia for her master’s degree. She chose to embark on a journey to Aarhus. In the future, she aspires to work in a job that contributes to helping change the world for a better future.