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Master of Science in Engineering or Bachelor of Engineering?

What is the difference between an MSc in Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering programme?

MSc in Engineering

The five-year MSc in Engineering at Aarhus University (AU) is a business-based and research-based programme. The programme provides specialist theoretical knowledge and experimental experience, and you will learn to develop innovative technological solutions and create new knowledge within your specialist field. There are rich opportunities at Aarhus University to work cross-disciplinarily with advanced technology, and this will help you to a qualification profile that is in high demand by both private businesses and research institutions.

Researchers teach on the MSc in Engineering programme, and therefore you will even be taking part in scientific project work during your studies. We work with some of the world's best universities, and you will have good opportunities to take a semester abroad.

The MSc in Engineering degree programme starts with a three-year Bachelor's programme that automatically qualifies you for the two-year Master's programme. As a graduate, you will acquire the protected title MSc in Engineering. In your working life, you will almost inevitably be working with some of the global community's major challenges of climate, food, water, new materials, medicine and health, and digitization. 

As a graduate MSc in Engineering, you will be able to go straight into a high-tech labour market or start your own business. An MSc in Engineering qualification is very attractive and unemployment is low. Many graduates are employed in companies as specialists in research and development, for example. Many also become managers. With the right qualifications, you will be able to immerse yourself further and go into research through a PhD degree programme.

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Bachelor of Engineering

The BEng programme takes three and a half years and includes an internship semester. The programme provides solid engineering knowledge, and you will learn to convert your theoretical knowledge into specific solutions.

From the very first semester, you will learn how to bring your knowledge into play and create viable solutions in close collaboration with companies.

As a student, you will practice thinking and working as an engineer, and it will quickly become clear to you how you can create value with your technological insight, knowledge and competencies. Your teachers will often have experience from both academia and industry, and your classes at the university will always be current in relation to the innovation needs of society and companies.

You will not have theory for the sake of theory; on the contrary, you will learn systematically to bridge the gap between what is written in books, and real-life problems. Teaching comprises lectures, classroom teaching, company visits, project work and laboratory tests.

Aarhus University collaborates with educational institutions throughout the world, and as a BEng you will have excellent opportunities to spend a semester abroad or an internship in an international company or NGO.

As a graduate BEng, you will have a business-oriented qualification profile that is in high demand in both Denmark and abroad, and you will be able to go directly into the labour market or start your own business. You can also continue your studies to MSc in Engineering (+ 2 years), if you have taken specific courses during your BEng.

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