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Emil works with thoughts and feelings. And yet he is an engineer.

Emil Møller Bartels can measure the electrical activity of the brain, thereby opening a window to understanding what is going on between our ears when we think and feel. He is a newly qualified MSc in Engineering. Now he wants to research into the human consciousness. 

There is deep concentration in the neuro-technological laboratory at Aarhus University. Emil is fitting hundreds of small electrodes onto the head of an experiment subject. He has already fitted a small computer into the ear of another subject. The computer can do the same - measure voltage differences in the brain.

Using the computer, after a bit of advanced data processing, Emil can gain insight into our general mental condition, such as concentration level, intentions or feelings.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering in healthcare technology with an MSc in Engineering in biomedical technology, and he has just submitted his Master's thesis about reading brain activity through the ear.

"I've been working on developing a communication tool for people who can’t talk. Even though they can’t express themselves verbally, we can decode their responses to simple questions directly from the brain through the ear. "

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