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Education at AU Engineering

You can become an engineer in two ways.

A Master of Science in Engineering degree programme takes five years. The programme opens the doors to work with innovation and advanced technology, both in companies and at universities. During your studies, you will be taught by researchers, and this will give you access to the very latest knowledge. With an MSc in Engineering, you will be a specialist who can push the limits of what is possible, and you will be able to forge the solutions of tomorrow.

A Bachelor of Engineering programme takes 3½ years. It is business-oriented and therefore opens the doors to a labour market, where you will be bringing your knowledge of technology into play in many different fields. With a Bachelor of Engineering, you will be able to create solutions to specific challenges to benefit companies and society.

If you are in doubt about what to choose, or you would like to know more, please feel free to contact our student counsellors.

See all engineering study programmes at Aarhus University here:

Acces Course and Supplementation

Programmes in Aarhus:

  • 1-year access course

Programmes in Herning:

  • 1-year access course
  • 1-year access course (remote learning)

Supplementation in Aarhus and Herning:

  • Supplementation courses (math, physics and chemistry)

Notice: The access courses and supplementation courses are only offered in Danish.