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Profile magazine 2019: engineering a better world

Department of Engineering Profile 2019 magazine is out now - and it has been given a significantly different structure.

The Department of Engineering's new Profile magazine is now on the streets. If you are interested in a physical copy of the magazine please contact Communications Partner Jesper Bruun at bruun@eng.au.dk.

The Department of Engineering's new Profile magazine is now on the streets. Once again we are proud to present some of the exciting engineering projects we do at Aarhus University.

However, this time there is a lot more to the magazine.

In addition to research articles, there are portraits of some of our many new researchers, as well as blog posts and articles on the other exciting things going on at the Department.

"The new magazine looks both forward and back: Back at 2018, which was an extremely good year for us, and we once again raised the bar for engineering at the university, with a record number of projects and publications and a major new research laboratory in Skejby. And forward to 2019, where developments are continuing at full throttle, and where we are on target with the growth plan we set for 2025," says Head of Department Thomas S. Toftegaard, and he continues:

"2019 will be a very exciting year for us. We will be opening three new Bachelor programmes in the summer, and it is important to have strong focus on students. This is also one of the reasons why we have re-designed Profile, because we hope that many more will help share the magazine far and wide."

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More than ever before, the magazine is now a springboard for inspiration and contemplation. It aims at anyone who is interested in technology and engineering and looking to find out more about the latest developments.

"The Department of Engineering prioritises cooperation with the business community. We want the knowledge we generate here to benefit all of society. And so it does, among other things via our partnerships with business and industry. We’re ambitious, and we hope that many more companies will join us in our ambitions," says Thomas S. Toftegaard. 

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In addition to research articles, the magazine contains portraits of some of the many new researchers, as well as blog posts and articles on the other exciting things going on at the Department.

The magazine contains articles about some of the inspirational research projects the department is working on. For example, how we are working to prevent the Internet from becoming the world's largest COemitter, or how we are trying to find new antibiotics in national parks all over the world.

You can also read some of the researchers' own opinions in topical blog contributions. This may well give you new insight into some of the many new researchers who came to the department in 2018. Moreover, you can read about some of the prizes our researchers have won over the past year, and much more.

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The printed version of the Department of Engineering Profile 2019 magazine was published in early April. The electronic version can be downloaded from here.

Happy reading.