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Congratulations to a record crop of new engineers

Hundreds dressed up to the nines to mark the end of their engineering studies. An exciting life at work now awaits them - but also a big responsibility

[Translate to English:] 426 eksamensbeviser og mindst lige så mange håndtryk blev uddelt til nyuddannede ingeniører fra Aarhus Universitet. Det er det største kuld nogensinde.

A total of 325 new bachelors of engineering and 101 masters of engineering received their certificates last week. This is the hitherto largest crop from Aarhus University, and therefore Navitas, where the graduation celebrations took place, was somewhat crowded. However, anyone who came to celebrate the end of their education could not have been more wrong.

 "You think you're finished now. You're not. You've just started. Youi'll have an enormous influence on the development of society and that brings with it great responsibility. If you are to live up to this responsibility you'll have to keep on learning and reflecting on your work as engineers," said Thomas Toftegaard, head of department at the Department of Engineering, in his speech.

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