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AU announces fully subscribed engineering programmes

AU Engineering is ready to welcome 1,177 new engineering students after the summer holidays, and this year, for the first time, it has been necessary to reject qualified applicants.

Aarhus University is preparing to welcome 1,177 new engineering students after the summer holidays. (Photo: Sebastian Krog, AU archive)

Admissions to all engineering degree programmes in Denmark have risen, and Aarhus University is no exception. 1,177 young people have been offered a place at AU, corresponding to an increase of 8 per cent compared to last year, which was also a record year.

This means that one in six students at Denmark's second-largest university will be an engineering student after the summer holidays, and this is very much in line with the needs of business and industry," says Finn Borchsenius, vice-dean of the faculty of Technical Sciences:

"We’re delighted with the enormous interest, and I applaud all the young people who are going for degree programmes so much in demand by society. It’s good news for companies, and it’s good news for all of us who want to see a successful green transition and digital transformation of our society in the years to come," he says.

Many have been rejected

This year, Aarhus University will reject qualified applicants for several engineering programmes, much to Finn Borchsenius’ regret.

"Unfortunately, we’ve had to stifle the engineering dreams of many young people. All our degree programmes are relevant, and our graduates are in high demand, so clearly this hurts."

Remember winter start

Applicants who have not been accepted can still apply for programmes starting in the winter.

The final deadline for applications is 1 November 2023.

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