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Aarhus University is selling its share in Navitas

Aarhus University is now realising its plans to sell its share of the harbour-side Navitas building. The sale is part of AU’s vision of a unified, central campus, where Katrinebjerg and Gustav Wieds Vej will form the university’s engineering and tech hub. INCUBA will sell its share of the Navitas building at the same time.

Aarhus University is now realising its plan to sell its share in Navitas as part of its vision of a unified, central campus in Aarhus. (Photo: Lars Kruse).

Aarhus University is putting its 23,610 square metres of Navitas up for sale, which is currently home to the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, a section of the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering and Admission course and high school-oriented activities.

It was decided in 2018 that AU will relocate from Navitas as part of the plans for campus 2.0. With the sale of its share in Navitas, the university will move a step closer to centralising its Aarhus campus around the University Park and the University City as well as Katrinebjerg and Gustav Wieds Vej, which will form AU’s engineering and tech hub.

University Director Kristian Thorn is looking forward to taking the next step to unify the university's activities.

“We have enjoyed being part of Navitas, but selling our share in the building is a natural next step towards realising our vision of a campus-based university. Our aim is to create a unified university with a thriving research and study environment that fosters growth, development and inspiration – especially in our collaboration with the society around us,” he says.

AU is selling its share along with INCUBA, which currently owns 15,196 m2 of commercial space in the building. Today, parts of this space are rented out for various purposes – including to AU Research, the university’s unit for research administration, which has rented part of INCUBA’s premises in Navitas since 2022.

Not moving out for a few years

Students and staff will be at Navitas for a few years to come. AU’s sales offer stipulates that the university will rent from the new owner until its new premises in Katrinebjerg are ready for occupancy, which is expected to be in 2029/2030.

AU Research will also be vacating Navitas. The unit will relocate to the former Health buildings in the University Park and Health will move into the Bartholin complex once renovations are complete.