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New magazine from AU Engineering: Together, we create the future

The green transition, sustainable technologies and interdisciplinary solutions to society's greatest challenges are the focal points of AU Engineering's new engineering profile magazine.

[Translate to English:] Det nye AU Engineering Profile Magazine 2021 er ude nu. Find link i artiklen til onlineversionen, og besøg vores side for forskning og erhvervssamarbejd på engineering.au.dk/profile.

Is there room for even more nature in Denmark? What’s the cheapest and quickest way to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement? Can we reduce the carbon and climate footprints of the construction industry? And how can we best exploit new digital technologies?

These questions and many more are the focus of AU Engineering's new profile magazine which is now available online and in print.

The magazine focuses on our national and international collaborations with companies, government agencies and other knowledge institutions, and on how technology can help solve some of the many challenges facing the world.

"Through research we can look into a future with huge potential for green technologies. A future where collaboration across disciplines, sectors and industries will bring new opportunities and new, alternative ways of doing things. For far too long, society has been dependant on fossil sources, and only through research, collaboration, education and technological quantum leaps can we free ourselves of this dependency," says Professor Lars D. M. Ottosen, head of the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering.

Since 2016, Aarhus University has been rolling out its momentous initiative for the engineering field. The goal is world-class international research and educational environments within the technical sciences. In January 2021, the university opened four new departments under the umbrella of AU Engineering:

One of the objectives of the new departments is to create better conditions for collaboration with companies and public institutions, for example by combining the issues and technological challenges of businesses and industry with AU Engineering’s educational programmes and research activities.

The four departments are already cooperating with a wide range of organisations and companies on research and development projects.

AU Engineering participate in transnational collaborations, establish innovative partnerships, explore technological challenges and develop new technologies to help develop, build and optimise production chains.

"New knowledge and new technology will benefit society as a whole, and that’s why it’s important that we create, develop and test this knowledge and technology in collaboration with industry and business communities in Denmark and abroad. We’re ambitious, and we hope that many will join us in our pursuit to forge a future in which we deal with the problems facing humanity today," says Andy Drysdale, team leader at Business Relations and Partnerships.

A hardcopy version of AU Engineering Profile 2021 can be ordered by sending an email to bruun@au.dk. The electronic version can be downloaded here

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