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Record number of young people want to study engineering at Aarhus University

Aarhus University has received 1184 applications for the engineering degree programs, setting a new record.

Aarhus University has received 1,184 applications for the university's engineering degree programmes. (Photo: Lars Kruse, AU 2023)

The quota 1 deadline expired on 5 July, and a preliminary count shows that AU Engineering has received 1184 applications. This is an overall increase of approx. 8 % compared to last year. 

AU Engineering is part of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, where Dean Finn Borchsenius is looking forward to welcoming the many new students when the university reopens after the summer break:

"We’re seeing an increased interest in our engineering degree programmes, and we’re pleased about that. We’ve expanded our degree programmes in recent years, and we therefore expect to be able to accept the vast majority of applicants. This is good news for the young people who’ve applied and for the many companies who want to employ them when they graduate," he says. 

Many degree programmes are popular

The many applicants are distributed evenly across the university’s various engineering degree programmes. The BScEng programmes are still the most popular, but the five-year MScEng programmes have seen a significant increase in the last few years.

"This is very gratifying and in line with the university's strategic focus on engineering. It’s now our job to take good care of the many students who will be joining us, so that they enjoy their studies and are prepared for the many technological challenges we as a society are facing," says Finn Borchsenius.

The biggest leap this year was made by the Bachelor of Engineering Programme in Software Technology, which received 158 applications. The Bachelor of Engineering Programme in Mechanical Engineering is also popular among young people this year, with 135  applicants.

Furthermore, the engineering programmes at AU Herning have seen an increase in the number of applicants compared to last year, and the university's Access course for engineering programmes has experienced a significant 55 percent rise in the number of applicants.