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Aarhus University is changing the degree programmes offered in Herning

The Faculty of Technical Sciences is shutting down the BEng in Mechanical Engineering and the BEng in Electronic Engineering in AU Herning. The BEng in Electrical Energy Technology will continue.

Aarhus University is introducing changes to degree programmes offered in Herning. As a result, the Bachelor of Engineering programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering will no longer be open for admission, while the Bachelor of Engineering programme in Electrical Energy Technology will be strengthened. (Photo: AU Arkiv)

The changes apply from 2024, but existing students can complete all semesters under the existing academic regulations.

The affected programmes have been running at a loss for several years due to scarcity of applications, and this is one of the reasons behind the Faculty's decision to shut them down.

"The local recruitment base has been too thin, and so we’ve decided to make adjustments to the range of programmes offered," says Finn Borchsenius, vice-dean of education at the Faculty of Technical Sciences at Aarhus University.

He stresses that Aarhus University intends to continue producing more engineering graduates, and that the faculty will now hone in on efforts to strengthen its collaboration with companies in Central and Western Jutland.

"The university as a whole has seen a significant increase in applications for engineering degree programmes and we’re already doing a lot to strengthen ties between students and the business community through internships and study projects," he says.

All stakes on Energy Technology

From 2024, in the engineering area, Aarhus University will channelise efforts into optimising the Electrical Energy Technology programme in AU Herning, where students will be working with the energy production and distribution of the future.

"We’ve a shared responsibility to ensure that Danish companies have enough qualified engineers for the green transition, and we’ve consulted with the business community on development of the programme," says Finn Borchsenius.

The BEng in Electrical Energy Technology will also be offered as an online programme, organised either fully or partially as distance learning. This is to attract students from all over Denmark.

"Our goal is to admit at least 50 new students to the programme already this summer," says Finn Borchsenius. Read more about the Bachelor of Engineering programme in Electrical Energy Technology in Herning

The university's admission course for the engineering degree programmes will be offered without changes in AU Herning and as distance learning.

AU Herning is going forward

Despite the planned changes, the ambition remains for AU Herning to be an attractive place to study for many more students.

Pro-Rector of Aarhus University Berit Eika emphasises that the plan is in line with the university's campus strategy.

"We are, and we will remain, a campus-based university, and we want to offer education in the best possible research-supported environments, where academic life and social life thrive. We want the department in Herning to have a sharp academic profile, the best conditions for an attractive study environment and, of course, sustainable finances," she says.

To help implement the political agreement on More and better educational opportunities throughout Denmark, by 2030, Aarhus University will relocate the Master's degree programme in Experience Economy from Aarhus to Herning and expand the Master's degree programme in IT, Communication and Organisation.