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When clinicians and engineers team up

Engineers will play an even bigger role in the healthcare system over the next years. At Aarhus University we want to develop technology-based solutions that make life better for people, and we want to do this in collaboration with industry, the health sector, academia, and other stakeholders.

When clinicians and engineers team up

New technologies and devices have the potential to change our healthcare sector by improving both diagnostics and treatment of patients in the years to come.

However, this development must be based on strong collaboration between researchers at universities and clinicians at hospitals.

“We have the technological insight and the understanding of health problems from an engineering perspective, while clinicians have the medical and practical expertise in the unique health problems we face. Therefore, strong and close collaboration is an essential part of developing and refining innovative procedures and prosthetic devices,” says Associate Professor Peter Johansen from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

In vitro experimental setups

Peter Johansen is head of the Cardiovascular Instrumentation and Devices research group at Aarhus University. He facilitates various in vitro experimental setups aiming to develop and improve existing clinical treatments and practices.

The focus of his research is on applying engineering principles and skills to understand the functional impact of various diseases, and on testing, evaluating, and developing different cardiovascular prosthetic devices for use in interventional procedures.

“We want to create a direct clinical and industrial edge to scientific discoveries and innovation activities. Our goal is to provide basic knowledge of cardiovascular pathological conditions and various implant characteristics for better and improved patient treatment,” says Peter Johansen.