Master of Science in Engineering at Aarhus University

The five-year MSc in Engineering degree programme at Aarhus University is a research-based technical and scientific programme for ambitious and committed students. It is for students who want an internationally recognised qualification at a high academic and theoretical level with solid business and research-oriented competencies. The programme starts with the three-year technical-scientific Bachelor, which automatically qualifies you for the two-year Master's degree programme leading to the protected title of MSc in Engineering.

Engineer graduates are front-runners in the technological revolution, and with their solid technical insight and deep theoretical understanding, they have been building bridges between research and reality ever since industrialisation. With an MSc in Engineering, you will be able to analyse and solve complicated technical issues from a societal perspective. During your studies, all your lecturers will be high-level, international researchers, and therefore you will be right up close to the latest technology, the latest equipment and the latest knowledge within each field of study.