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3D-Printing with Fibers

The Markforged Mark Two printer can print with contiues and discontiues fibers.

You can't get physical access to the Markforged Mark Two printer. You can however get your specimens printed on the printer.

The print material is very expensive, so you need to have your arguments in place for why you need to make your prints using this printer.

MaterialPrice [DKK/cm3]
Onyx plastic1,65
Carbon fiber20,70
Kevlar fiber13,80
Glass fiber10,35
HSHT glass fiber13,80

Info on the materials and how to design your specimens:

3D-Print Materials

3D-Print Composite Design Guide

How to install the print software Eiger

  1. Contact Thomas Greve (tgr@ase.au.dk) requesting access to the print software
    • Use your university e-mail
  2. You recive e-mail from Markforged
    • You create a userprofile using the link in the e-mail
    • Close the browser after you created your userprofile
    • Don't use the cloud version of Eiger!
  3. Download and install the local storage Eiger software using this Link

How to print using the Markforged Mark Two:

  1. Open Eiger and sign in using your userprofile
    • Don't use the cloud version of Eiger!
    • Use the local storage version of Eiger
  2. Upload STL file of geometry to Eiger
  3. Specifie all the print settings for the specimen in Eiger
    • Always turn on "Use Brim", which is found under "Part Settings"
  4. Export MFP print file
  5. Send print file to Thomas Greve (tgr@ase.au.dk) along with the following info:
    • Proof of approval of print from your course teacher or project counselor
    • Screenshot of your build (specimens on the printbed) in Eiger
    • Print time for the print
    • Material price given in Eiger for the print
    • Onyx and fiber consumption for the print
    • Type of fiber used
  6. You will be notified when your print is ready for you