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Special characteristics of AU engineers

At Aarhus University, you will experience engineering in a new light. We organise our degree programmes so that students have ample opportunity to develop all their talent. You can pursue your dream of achieving deep theoretical specialisation within a specific area, or you can organise your degree programme with the unique academic attributes that perfectly match your interests.

Our basic philosophy is that engineering knowledge and technology insight cannot stand alone. We want to educate the best and most in demand engineers on the global labour market, who can adapt to a world in which technological development is one of the biggest drivers of change.

Engineer from a classical university

Therefore, we plan all Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science in Engineering programmes, so that all students can develop talents outside of theory. This is one of the reasons why businesses demand AU engineers in particular. They want new employees who are curious, inventive, good at collaborating and good at communicating.

Business acumen, cultural insight, critical thinking and the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills are high priorities for both small local businesses and large multi-nationals. These are all skills you will learn on an engineering degree programme at a classical multi-faculty university.

Real-world learning

The engineering degree programmes at Aarhus University are continually being developed in close contact with the business community and with inspiration from international elite universities. The fundamental education concept is known as real-world learning and basically means that you will develop your theoretical understanding of the engineering discipline that you have chosen by working with real-life problems.

You will learn to think and work as an engineer from the very first semester: getting ideas, coming up with new inventions, collaborating with others, managing projects and creating realisable solutions. This means that, when you graduate, you will already be experienced and have a professionalism that will give you a head start on the labour market.

Some universities offer students the opportunity to work with real-life projects alongside their studies. At Aarhus University, reality is an integrated part of the syllabus for all engineering students, and company visits, study trips and internships are compulsory.