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Forskere fra Aarhus Universitet har udviklet en ny metode, som ved hjælp af to slæder efterspændt en firehjulet motorcykel kan kortlægge undergrunden i 3D ned til 50 meters dybde i en hidtil uset detaljegrad. (Foto: AU arkiv)

2018.10.31 | AU Engineering

New technology to prevent nitrate run-off from agriculture

Researchers are to make 3D maps of the subsoil below agricultural areas to obtain detailed knowledge about the nitrogen need for the individual field.

I et nyt projekt skal forksere forbedre de nuværende metoder til biologisk rensning af olieforurenet jord. (Foto: Colourbox)
Forskerne vil måle spændingsforskelle i jorden med specialudviklede elektroderør og på den måde vise oprensningsmidlernes flow i en 3D-model.

2018.10.31 | AU Engineering

Signal processing to improve remediation of oil-contaminated soil

By measuring the electrical conductivity of the soil, researchers from Aarhus University, in collaboration with Ejlskov A/S, are developing an inexpensive and accurate method of tackling oil pollution. The project is being supported with DKK 17 million from Innovation Fund Denmark's Grand Solutions.

Edzard Spillner has received the Grethe Stampe legate for his research in antibody-based treatment of allergy. (Photo: Lars Kruse_AU)

2018.10.30 | AU Engineering

AU researcher receives award for pioneering allergy research

Associate Professor Edzard Spillner from the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, has received the Grethe Stampe Legat for work on new antibody-based treatments for allergy.

"This is an exciting project, as it is crucial that we make the digital infrastructure more energy efficient," says Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, Tommy Ahlers. Photo: Colourbox.
"The project will also investigate and implement simple new energy-efficient and scalable end-to-end security schemes across the IoT infrastructure," says Associate Professor Martijn Heck from the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.

2018.10.25 | Department of Engineering

DKK 100 million for faster, greener Internet

Internet traffic has risen a thousand-fold since 2000 and currently accounts for around 10 per cent of the world’s electricity consumption. This is a trend that is set to increase. There is therefore a great need for new infrastructure offering energy-efficient broadband solutions, and a new Grand Solutions project with funding from Innovation…

Aarhus University School of Engineering is opening two new Bachelor of Engineering programmes in Herning, beginning in August 2019. (Photo: AU_Maria Randima)
Jacob Bechmann Pedersen comes from the small town of Uhre near Brande in Jutland. Now he is studying in Herning to be an electronics engineer, he has a student job at Siemens Gamesa and works as a volunteer teaching children and teenagers how to code. (Photo: AU_Lars Kruse)

2018.10.10 | School of Engineering Aarhus University

Aarhus University opens new engineering degree programmes in Herning

As part of a major initiative, Aarhus University is opening two new engineering degree programmes in Herning to start in summer 2019.

The students here are building mini drones under expert supervision from Associate Professor Erdal Kayacan. Photo: Jesper Bruun. 
Underwater robots could play an important role in scientific work to monitor climate change. The students could get their hands on the technology at the dockside in Aarhus. (Photo: Jesper Bruun).

2018.10.02 | AU Engineering

Sustainability on the curriculum for 370 pupils

Perhaps the Danish high-school students who know most about sustainability. At all events, 370 students from Aarhus Tech now know a little more after hearing about the latest knowledge and technology last Friday at a theme day at Aarhus University.