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"What’s going on in Aarhus?" asks the management of National Instruments, the multinational test instruments and software group. "How can a single university have so many talented engineering students?" Four teams have qualified for the finals of the worldwide contest for engineering students: the NI Student Design Contest. Three of these teams come from AU Engineering. (Photo: Peer Klercke).

2018.04.13 | AU Engineering

"Aarhus is an incubator for young, innovative, talented engineers"

This year, AU Engineering has earned top rankings in the world's largest design competition for engineering students. Three teams have made it through the eye of the needle of an international assessment panel.

Iceberg in Icefjord at Ilulissat off the east coast of Greenland. The light in the water on the left is the underwater robot.
Three happy engineering students back in Aarhus after a successful expedition to Greenland. In the course of just one semester, they have built an underwater robot that can explore icebergs below the ocean surface. The picture shows Johan T. Krogshave, Robert Søndergaard and Kristian K. Sahlholdt (Photo: Jesper Bruun)
An iceberg photographed under water.

2018.04.13 | AU Engineering

Underwater robot reveals surprising new knowledge about icebergs

Using an underwater robot they built themselves, a group of Danish engineering students have photographed a complete iceberg below the ocean surface. This is a breakthrough for international Arctic research.