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Use of laboratory

The laboratory is primarily used for teaching and consists of, among other things, 3D printers, laser cutter and 3D scanner.

Access to the laboratory

Room 00.097, NAVITAS

In order to gain access to XLAB, proper training on how to use the equipment is required. This can be obtained in the offered security courses, which are conducted several times during the semester.

  • Driving licence (access card for students)
  • Access for employees
  • Access for AAMS students, Startup Factory members and Incuba companies
  • Laboratory safety and regulations

XLAB - Function and content

The laboratory is used for:

  • Teaching
  • Research and innovation
  • Student projects
  • MakerSpace

Facilities in the laboratory:

  • CraftBot2 3D printere (pdf) DA / ENG
  • 3D scanners
  • CNC router (pdf) DA / ENG
  • Laser cutter (pdf) DA / ENG
  • Variable power supplies
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Function generators
  • Universal Robots and Scape Vision system
  • Various hand tools for testing and processing

Opening hours in XLAB

When XLAB is not used for teaching, it is open for students who have obtained a driving lisense for the equipment.


XLAB is closed when there is teaching. Apart from that, XLAB is always open for those with access.


XLAB is open to everyone, also persons without access, during MakerSpace. Here you can spend your spare time taking part in interesting technological projects like building an autonomous boat, a robot the size of a human and much more.


You can see when XLAB is used for teaching at ASE timetable or on the door at XLAB.

  • Read more about opening hours and access