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Til internationale studerende (internationale programmer)

What are the requirements for admission?

  1. You must be in the final year of your bachelor engineering studies or at a similar educational level.  
  2. There must be an exchange agreement covering the relevant subject area between Aarhus University, Aarhus School of Engineering and your home university.
  3. ­You are required to have English language qualifications comparable to CEFR C1, TOEFL IBT 83, IELTS 6.5. Please read the guidelines for the English Language requirements here. The language documentation must be uploaded with your online application.
  4. You must upload an official transcript of records with your online application. The transcript of records must be in English and show all the former passed grades of your bachelor studies.
  5. You must upload a short letter of motivation:
    • Not be more than one half A4 page in length
    • Written in English in your own words
    • Topic: Your incentive and motivation for choosing the programme
    • Must provide an impression of your maturity and suitability in relation to the programme you are applying for.
  6. If applying for the International Semester in Wastewater Engineering or the International Semester in Water Supply Engineering, you must have passed a basic course in Hydraulics/Geology.
  7. If applying for the International Semester in Mechanical Design you must have passed basic courses in Thermodynamics and Mechanics of Materials. 
  8. If applying for the International Semester in Software Engineering you must have basic electronics skills and passed intermediate courses in object-oriented programming concepts (such as encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism) in C++, C#, Java or similar OO-language.

Each application will be evaluated individually according to the requirements above, including an assessment of your general academic level and grades. The evaluation process secures the quality of the programmes and in the best interest of the student. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject an application, if we evaluate that the requirements are not fulfilled.

Maximum intake for Urban Water: 20 students (per semester)

Maximum intake for Mechanical Design: 20 students

Maximum intake for Software Engineering: 10 students

How du I apply and what are the semesterdays?

How do I apply?
You can find details on our website here: How to Apply
The deadlines are: 1 May and 1 November

What are the semester dates?
See further here: Academic Calender

Is there a Christmas break?

Read more in the Academic Calender

What is the tuition fee?

Students from non EU-member countries must pay tuition fees unless they are part of a balanced exchange programme.

Students from EU-member countries and other exchange students do not pay tuition. (However, all students have to pay for textbooks and other material in connection with their studies at the School of Engineering.)

Do you grant degrees?

At the School of Engineering, we do not grant degrees to international students studying here for 1 or 2 semesters. The students earn ECTS-credits, which they transfer to their home universities, from which they will obtain degrees. Our Studies Office issues transcript of records to the students.

Can I transfer my credits to your university?

You cannot transfer your credits to our School of Engineering as it is your home university which is the degree-granting body. The credits you earn here will be transferred to your home university.

What courses do you offer in English?

The School of Engineering offers the following International Programmes:

  • International Semester in Wastewater Engineering, autumn semester, Department of Civil & Structural Engineering
  • International Semester in Water Supply Engineering, spring semester, Department of Civil & Structural Engineering
  • International Semesters in Mechanical Design, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • International Semesters in Software Engineering, Department of Electronics & ICT



What is the Bachelor's Project?

You can read about the bachelor's project at: "The Bachelor's Project"

Can I take an course in English or/and a course in Danish?

A English Course

Included in the Urban Water semester is a 5 ECTS-credit course called "Cross-Cultural Cooperation, Project Work and English Language"

The Studenterhus Aarhus offers English Conversation and Pronunciation Classes. More information at www.studenterhusaarhus.dk

FOF arranges English classes for international students.

Level: Cambridge College First Certificate.

A Danish course
If you are interested in learning Danish, there is a chance at Studenterhus Aarhus. Membership fee will be paid by Aarhus University.

For more information, please contact: Studenterhus Aarhus, Phone: +45 8618 3021, www.studenterhusaarhus.dk  

Admission is conditioned by CPR-number and referral to Job Center.

Aarhus University also arranges Danish courses. These are intensive pre-semester language and culture courses for Erasmus students.The courses are arranged by the organization Lærdansk Aarhus

Can I apply for a scholarship?

The School of Engineering is not able to support foreign students financially. 

Danish Ministry of Education Scholarship

If you are a non-EU/EØS citizen and have applied for an international semester at ASE, you have automatically also applied for the Danish Ministry of Education Scholarship. Read more about the scholarship here: http://studyindenmark.dk

If you are granted a scholarship, you will receive a notification from us end of May concerning Autumn semesters and End of November concerning Spring semesters.

What are the living expenses in Denmark?

The cost of living in Denmark including transportation, books etc. is app. 4-5,000 DKK per month (2010) (regular expenses) plus accommodation (between 2,000 and 3,000 DKK per month. Be aware that you have to pay for the whole period of 6 months.

Can I study for a Master degree?

Yes, Aarhus University offers Master degree programmes. Read further about the programmes here

You can read about AU Engineering here

What about work in Denmark

Am I allowed to work in Denmark?
Foreign students from the "old" EU member countries do not need to apply for a work permit - they are allowed to work up to 15 hours a week and to have full time work in June, July and August. Foreign students from the "new" EU member countries can either indicate on the application form for residence permit that they wish to apply for a work permit (same conditions as above), or they can apply at the Immigration Service. Foreign students form non-EU member countries must apply at the Danish Immigration Service for a work permit (same conditions as above).

Immigration Service (Udlændingeservice), Ryesgade 53, 2100 København Ø. www.newtodenmark.dk

Is it easy to get a job in Aarhus?
It is not easy to find a job in Aarhus, but some students succeed. The jobs are typically newspaper delivery, fruit packing, dish washing at hotels and cleaning, although some cleaning companies do not hire students who do not speak Danish. We do underline that studies should be top priority, so we do not advise students to work too much. 

Does the School of Engineering require students to have health insurance?

The Danish health insurance covers the students' medical consultation and hospitalization, but you must be insured from you home country the first six weeks of your stay until you receive the Danish social security card.

Language Requirements

Applicants at the Faculty of Science and Technology are required to have English language qualifications comparable to CEFR C1, TOEFL IBT 83, IELTS 6.5. English language qualifications can be documented as follows: TOEFL test, IELTS (academic) test, "C1 level" obtained by examination from a CEFR-validated English language course.

Applicants can be exempted from this rule. The exemption apply to the following types:

  • Applicants with a completed English-taught entrance examination ("high school") or an English-taught Bachelor's programme
  • Applicants currently enrolled in an English-taught Bachelor's or Master’s programme
  • Applicants with a Danish/Nordic entrance examination (high school) or International Baccalaureate (high school) with an English level comparable to a Danish B level in English.

Is there a student organisation that can help the incoming students?

Aarhus University has a Mentor System, where each foreign exchange student is assigned a Mentor, a Danish student who will meet you in Aarhus and show you around. In addition, there is Studenterhus Aarhus, where foreign students can meet and get help if needed.

How do I get a Student Card?

You will receive your student card upon arrival.

Where can I buy a bike and what about sports?

Where can I buy a cheap bike?
You can ask your Mentor to help you buy a second hand bike at a police auction. 

Where can I do sports?
Studenterhus Aarhus will be able to help you at www.studenterhusaarhus.dk