Applied App. Development

International Semesters in Applied App Development

Mobile platforms are not just being used by consumers. One example is a system used in ambulances for making patients more relaxed – it is operated by a mobile phone. Mobile phones are also being used as front-end devices for applications used by windmill repairmen.

Most of the courses are also intended for Danish students, but all curriculum activities are conducted in English and are dealt with in an international perspective.

The latest know-how and state-of-the-art HW/SW are available and a practical engineering approach to the complex systems is in strong focus.

The courses included in the international programme are:

1st semester - autumn semester, end of August

    It is possible to take only the autumn semester.

    Exams after the first semester must be passed with satis­factory results in order to be able to take the second semester.




    Admission Requirements

    The semesters are intended for international students in the final year of their Bachelor studies or at a similar educational level of an ICT programme. More specifically, basic electronics skills and basic programming skills (e.g. C, C++, C# or Java) are considered a prerequisite for attending this study.

    Proficiency in English is required (TOEFL-test, score 550, or equivalent).