If your company has a well-defined problem, a student project could be an option. A collaboration with a student typically lasts one semester (six months). A project agreement is made between the student, a supervisor and the company.

The project must be based on an academic issue and fit with the student’s course of studies so that the project contributes to the student’s learning.

To learn more, call or write to the contact persons.

Collaboration with students at the BSc Engineering programme

Contact Aarhus University School of Engineering (The BSc Eng programme)


Healthcare technology

Biological and Chemical engineering

Keld Lars Bak

!!Uddannelsesleder, lektor

Civil and architectural engineering

Claus Glavind

Head of programme

Collaboration with students at the MSc in Engineering Programme

Contact about the MSc in Engineering Programme

Biological and Chemical Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jens Kargaard Madsen

Professor (Docent)
H bldg. 5125
P +4541893280

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Søren Wandahl

Section Manager
H bldg. 3210
P +4541893216

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Henrik Myhre Jensen

Professor, Dr. techn.
H bldg. 3210
P +4541893215